Frequently asked questions are listed below including their answers, if you have any other question make a comment below.

Q # 1 – Crack , Patch , Activator Or Loader is Being Detected As Virus By Anti-Virus Software?

Answer : cracks , patches , activators or loaders can be detected as false positive (virus), a false positive virus detection is any normal or expected behavior that is identified as anomalous or malicious.So you should disable your antivirus software for a while or exclude that file path from antivirus detection.

Q # 2 – Can i Update Software After Applying Crack Patch Or Activator ?

Answer : If simple cracked (.exe) is applied then there is 99% chance you’ll loose your activation status so it is not recommended & you should not do so, but in-case if patch or activator is also built for upcoming builds of a software then you can but you’ll have to apply patch or activator again (After Upgradation)!

Q #3 What to do with .rar, .r01, .r02 … files?

Answer : These are RAR archive files, which is just a compression type similar to .zip but just split up into many files.
You need to install a program like RAR expander to extract the contents.

For Windows Use WinRaR Download here full version. Download Now

For macOS Use WinZip Download Now